Welcome to the Smart Beavers Language School, where your children can learn English in a fun and enthusiastic way. To make our lessons really interesting and colourful, we are going to use the Busy Beavers Method and provide your children with lessons full of games, activities, videos, and songs.This method’s 2 principles are the following:

  1. Speaking comes before Reading and Writing.
  2. Always speak in Full Sentences.

5 The Busy Beaver Method helps children learn English grammar and vocabulary at the same time through asking and answering questions. The lessons progress slowly with a high focus on repetition. This helps students build self-confidence. Busy Beavers system began as an ESL Curriculum for English as a Second Language. Toddlers as young as 18 months old learn basic English words and phrases by engaging with our colorful, catchy videos. Many parents of children who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities like autism and slow speech have stated that our videos have helped their child communicate more effectively. We hope that you children enjoy studying English with Busy Beavers method provided by our school.