5 Component Teaching Method
The Busy Beavers learning method contains Catchy Song Videos, Lesson Videos, Work Sheets, Teachers’ Tips, Games and more – but it’s also important how they are presented to students in each lesson.

This is what we call the “5 Component Teaching Method”.

There are 5 different ways the material for every lesson in our Online Resources can be used:

  1. Songs
  2. Interactive Video / Audio Files
  3. Textbook Activities
  4. Classroom Activities
  5. Work Sheets.

The combination of these 5 different approaches to each lesson will help students visualize what they are learning from 5 different angles.

Some students learn better through images, some through words, some through melodies and others through actions.

The Busy Beavers material is presented in so many different ways that all students can identify with it and understand it no matter what type of learner they are.

Let’s have a closer look at those 5 components right now.

The 5 Components

1. Songs:
Each Textbook contains several songs. Each song relates to several sections worth of material. They help familiarize students with vocabulary, grammar, questions and answers. They can be played anytime the teacher or class feels like.

2. Interactive Video / Audio Files:
These are mini-lessons that can be played as a Video File or Audio file on a computer. These files assist the teacher in demonstrating and practicing the material for each section. They can be used in a variety of ways. They can be watched and repeated after, chanted along with, read out loud or used for question and answer role playing activities.

3. Textbook Activities:
The textbook is the “road map” for all of the material. The Online Resources and Work Sheets follow the flow of the textbook. The textbook can be used in many ways. The teacher can hold up the book, point at pictures and ask questions about the material to the entire class or individual students. Students can practice in small groups by pointing at the textbook and asking and answering questions to each other. Students can even practice at home with their parents.

4. Classroom Activities:
There are a number of suggestions in every section how the teacher can expand on the material in the classroom. Teachers can organize small role playing activities or “skits”. Flash Cards can be introduced to play “Memory Games” or “Go Fish” games. Students can make art projects or draw pictures of their own. Plenty of coloring activities and Bingo Games are provided in the Work Sheets. There are endless possibilities!

5. Printable Work Sheets:
Both Textbook 1 and Textbook 2 come with over 180 Work Sheets each. These will provide plenty of reading and writing practice to help students become literate in English. They can be completed during class time or assigned as homework and checked daily. 

A Typical ESL English Class

Using the Busy Beavers Teaching Method

Any experienced teacher knows that students’ minds move very fast and they become bored very quickly.

A great teacher changes the rhythm of a class often to keep learning exciting and fresh.

The Busy Beavers “5 Component Teaching Method” offers suggestions for teachers to control the energy of the classroom by switching from one component to the next about every 5 minutes.

Every Section of our Online Resources has invaluable Teachers’ Tips to help teachers prepare for each lesson. Just scroll to the bottom of every page in our Online Resources for Level 1 or Level 2 and you will find your lesson plans already prepared for you! These Teachers’ Tips provide great ideas for teachers to expand on the material with fun and interactive classroom activities.

For example, a typical 30 – 45 minute English Lesson in an ESL classroom could flow something like this.

  • Step 1 – (5 mins.)

Play a Video File and begin with the whole class singing along to a Song.

  • Step 2 – (5 mins.)

Next the teacher could use Flash Cards to review material from the previous lesson. (5 mins.)

  • Step 3 – (5 mins.)

Students could perform a role-playing activity to demonstrate their mastery of the old material.

  • Step 4 – (5 mins.)

The teacher could introduce a new concept with an Interactive Video File.

  • Step 5 – (5 mins.)

Students could then pair up and use the textbook to practice asking and answering questions with each other.

  • Step 6 – (5 mins.)

One or two Work Sheets can be completed in class to practice reading and writing or assigned as homework.

  • Step 7 – (5 mins.)

The entire class can join in a Bingo Game using the new vocabulary taught in today’s lesson.

  • Step 8 – (5 mins.)

Lastly, the entire class can sing or chant along once more with a Video File.