Are you a foreigner who is planning to live or study in the Czech Republic? Would you like to get involved in Czech life and be able to communicate while in some important institutions like bank, shopping centre, hospital or school/kindergarten? Are you planning to enter a Czech University and need preparation for entrance exams? Are you getting ready for permanent residency permit examination? Smart Beavers can help you to overcome all the above mentioned obstacles and feel more confident in communicating in certain situations! We are organizing individual and group lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced level students to improve their language skills!

What we offer:

  • Individual lessons either in our office, or at your work place/home;
  • Group lessons either in our office, or at your workplace/home;
  • We offer 5 basic levels: beginners, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced;
  • A special preparation course for permanent residency permit exam;
  • We are experienced in teaching, thus, we offer professional lessons with experienced teachers;
  • We use modern teaching methods in our lessons and all the materials are provided;
  • We speak only Czech during the lessons, but if you are a total beginner, we can also offer an English speaking teacher ;
  • If you are too busy to attend our lessons or are travelling while taking the course, we can also arrange SKYPE LESSONS.

What can you expect?

  • Individual approach and nice atmosphere;
  • Friendly lessons ;
  • A focus on conversational Czech;
  • Native speaker teachers with educational background in teaching;
  • Materials in forms of copies and usage of audio/video materials.

To find out about the price, check our pricelist!